About Me

I'm turning 21 on Saturday. How crazy is that? I feel ancient at times.
Just a decade ago, I moved to New Hampshire from Upstate NY, with my family circus
*Literally... I'm the middle of five kids*

yyyeah... from my last post, it's obvious that I'm quite "into" cinema.
But I like playing music, listening to music, and sometimes painting with oils .
I wouldn't say that I'm shy, but sometimes I just don't say a thing.
Which is odd, because sometimes I can act as spunky as a cheerleader.
I hope that someday I'm an awesome cinematographer like Bob Yeoman or Lance Acord -
but for now, I walk around the city with my camera trying to capture images that most people don't see.
Having fun in life is so damn important to me. Should be for you as well!
Anyway, that's basically me. :)
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Oh, what do I know.

You know what I LOVE?!
I love award season. I don't love the Oscars, but I love how Hollywood gets all fussy about statues and expensive gowns.
Last night, Crash won the SAG last night for Best Ensemble. Hmm. I liked that movie better when it was called Grand Canyon (Lawrence Kasden .. oh where have you gone).

I LOOOVVVE how Philip Seymour Hofffman is winning every award under the sun - I saw Capote WAAAY back last April at a pre-screeening. That movie fucking blew me away. I thought to myself, wow. Holy shit. Hoffman is brilliant, once again, and SHOULD get a damn Oscar. And what's happenin' now? Uh huh. He's pretty much on-track for that to happen. YAYS for him.
The funny thing about that screening is that the Director Bennett Miller was there, at that screening, and he was freakin' out about the content.

"Was this too slow?"
"Did you understand that character?"

I wrote on my audience review card how I thought it was the most brilliant movie I've seen in YEARS. Yes, YEARS.
I see a lot of movies, and this one was a diamond. A bright, sparkly depressing diamond of awesomeness.


When it comes down to it, if I never, ever make a movie, in my hopeful professional career, as dreary and faux as Elizabethtown, I'll die happy. Even though I saw it oh-so-long-ago, the thought of it coming out on dvd - and people renting it, with their money - really makes me mad. Cameron Crowe has lost his touch for realism, in his attempt to be 'personal'. He should have stopped with Almost Famous.
Also, Orlando Bloom is the worst actor in the world. What a silly, silly guy. He should be modeling underwear - NOT pretending to have relatives in Kentucky.
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